Inky Leaves


(German: Blaue Blume)
A central symbol of inspiration. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable.

It symbolizes hope and the beauty of things.

From October 2018, Inky Leaves will be immersed in the colour blue as she explores what this intense and captivating colour means to us culturally; why regardless of race or religion, it is the worlds’ favourite colour and why paradoxically it is so rare in nature.

Jessica will be travelling across the globe as she searches for the most beautiful blue flowers and exploring their natural habitats in order to determine their origins. It will be a journey not only of scientific value but also artistic discovery. While seeking out and documenting these rare and exotic plants, she will also be recording the sounds of the countries she visits, photographing some stunning locations and discovering new and hitherto little known pigments with which to paint blue.

As Blue Flower consolidates and evolves via the prism of Inky Leaves, Jessica will be looking at new ways of depicting the nature and beauty of flowers in art. Blue Flower is not a theoretical and rational study of botanical art, but is an exploration of the visual directions in which the natural world can lead us.

Blue Flower will result in a fascinating and diverse presentation. Several multi-media exhibitions are planned around the globe and these will coincide with the publication of an accompanying book and soundtrack.

It’s going to be big.

It’s going to be blue.


Blue Flower: USA
January – March 2023

Blue Flower: Europe – Florence, Italy
October 2022

Blue Flower: Europe – Athens, Greece
December 2021

Blue Flower: Europe – Lisbon, Portugal
October 2021

Blue Flower: Middle East – Cairo, Egypt
January 2020

Blue Flower: Europe – Dublin, Ireland
September 2019

Blue Flower: Europe – Appenzell Alps, Switzerland
July 2019

Blue Flower: Australasia – Melbourne, Canberra and Tasmania, Australia
October – March 2018

Blue Flower: Australasia – Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, New Zealand
December 2018

Blue Flower: Europe – Perthshire, Scotland
June 2018

Blue Flower: Europe – England
May 2018